On Tuesday 14th December I paid a visit to the Leek Slotstox club. I have been an active racer at Leek – and won the silver last season. However this season I have been busy promoting at my own track and also racing at Littleborough. So I have not been able to defend the silver.
Anyway I thought it was time to go and have a go with the bigger Leek cars. The car spec is a lot bigger than RMSCC. They also run a bigger “Parma” motor on a much bigger track, the tyres are made of rubber and are very grippy. These cars are very fast!! The cars are based on the National spec – which used to run annually up until about 4 years ago. Where clubs from round the country got together for a big race meet. Cars were standard to make racing equal and fair. Talking to Bros (Andy Broster), who is a massive Brisca fan and has been involved with the club for many years, he told me the club was started by Brisca fans in a local Pub, around the Cheddleton area. It then grew as there were lot of Brisca fans in that part of the world (something to do with the flying Finns I think!!). The club has since moved around various locations, but has now settled in a large working mens club in central Leek. The club is now luckily enough to have its own room, where the track can be left permanently. The members of the club have done a great job with the room, tidying and painting. It looks smart. The track has a “dog leg” which does slow the cars down (a little), but lends it self for a lot of action. Enjoy the pics – and check out their website (on my link page) they race every 2 weeks on a Tuesday night – and they welcome new people.

The cars ready to be weighed and checked. My car is the middle, the white car is Duncs, and the yellow car is my spare, which was used on the night by a new racer.

The track – note the PC and TV screen that is used to score and monitor races. The plugs for controllers are also at this end. They are lit up with green lamps. Leek allows you to reverse to avoid and get through dead cars (no fielding is permitted) – there is a switch on your plug to reverse your car. This can make the racing very realistic – you can plough through dead cars or take it easy and move them out. You get extra points for completing a 6 lap race – so its worth getting round in one piece!

Race action.

Carole piles through the wreckage – Phil (the orange car) has spun a tyre off his wheel!!! Note the carpet on the fence – this is to soften the blow when you go in!!!!

The dogleg – Nij takes this at speed (great action shot!) This is where the action takes place!

For the record I scored well in both my heats and did qualify for the final. I didn’t race in the final as I was up early the next day (work eh!). I would love to race more at Leek – it’s a great nights racing where you have a good night. Its just im busy with my own track and racing at Littleborough. If you’re in the Leek area pay them a visit!

See you soon guys and girls
JON 92