September 2008

Denton Raceway now in Failsworth for more info please click here.

Around 3 months ago, Pete Stanford asked me about the old Denton track. I told him it was in being stored in the back bedroom and it was his if he wanted it. Pete had sorted a new venue at Failsworth and took the track around 2 months ago. I was really happy to pass the track to Pete.
Dan and Dunc helped moved the track from our house to Failsworth.
I was sad to see it go - but happy to know it is being used and raced on!!
The link to Failsworth slot car club is here

I will keep the site for my 12th scale racing updates, and the Jamie Pfiefer pics etc that are hosted on it.

I loved promoting at Denton and had 4 years of fun, laughs and great racing. Will there be racing at Reddish again?? Who knows!! But for now its great to see the track in use and im really enjoying 12th scale racing!!

September 2006

As promised we have taken the opportunity to make some changes to the meeting formats here at Denton. The emphasis is on something a little different. We have introduced the "Standard Cars" which we feel will bring an extra challenge and a large dose of fun back in to racing. We have also decided to scrap the track championship being run over a full season. Instead the title will be decided at a "Standard Car" meeting at the end of the season. We hope this will generate a little more interest in this wonderful trophy.

Due to the popularity of the caravans, we are also going to run a caravan only meeting - should be a good en!

The GN championship will still be run across the season, with the top 4 going through to a shoot out at the last meeting. All Grand Nationals will be run using peoples own cars.

The season kicks off on the 15th October, this is an own car meeting.

We look forward to the new season and hope the new formats generate extra interest and more importantly generates a lot of close, fun, action packed racing.

May we take the opportunity to thank all racers who have supported Denton over the past 3 years. We hope this season is another good one.


July 2006

The Jamie Pfiefer “Anglo American” trophy race will be held at my folks in Reddish during September. My dad will also be supplying much better sweets than me!!!

June 2006

Must admit a bit quiet for news recently - however we have some great news from Jamie Pfiefer - he will be visiting the UK in August through to September. We are planning a special race meeting for Jamie in September. As soon as we have dates and have confirmed the venue we will let you know. This will be a special race night and spaces will be at a premium. Keep your eyes peeled!

February 2006

Denton's Raceway Summer fixtures 2006.

Sunday 9th April
Sunday 7th May
June 4th June
Sunday 2nd July
Sunday 13th August

September - hopefully something special.

Download Denton raceway action picture here =

Halloween Meeting Format

The halloween meeting on Monday 31st October for the club cars will be open to 16 racers (Bookings open Monday 17th October at 7.00pm) with the following format provided 16 people race =

4 Heats of 4 cars, with only the winner going through to the final. Names will be drawn out of a hat for heat line ups, cars will then be randomly selected by the drivers.

2 Consolations of 6 cars, with only the winner going through to the final. Names will be drawn out of a hat for consolation line ups, cars will then be randomly selected by the drivers.

6 car final, again names will be drawn out of a hat for final line up, cars will then be randomly selected by the drivers. Time permitting a GN will be run.

Cars will once again line up with lane 4 at White, lane 3 at Yellow, lane 2 at Blue and lane 1 at Superstar, but as an experiment the points are being changed to 2 for a win and 1 for second in the heats and consolation, and in the final 4 for a win and 2 for second, so nothing for the caravan racers finishing third or fourth. As usual food and prize's will be available with the meeting final trophy being sponsored by DS Racing ( fancy dress optional!!!!!!!).

August 2005

Denton's RMSCC Winter fixtures 2005/6.

Friday 14th October 2005

Friday 18th November 2005 W&Y

Sunday 8th January 2006

Sunday 5th February 2006 Qualifier

Friday 24th March 2006

March 2005

I've not been able to race at Leek due to racing at RMSCC on the same night. Its a shame that I haven't been able to do more meetings at Leek, as the racing is good. I do plan to get in some meetings at Leek at the end of their season, so I can show off the silver paint for one last time! Please keep a check on their website (on my links page), for updates about the club.

Another old Reddish slot stox club member makes contact via the web - I'm not going to name names as I haven't got their permission, but its great to hear from him. He is presently looking to build and hopefully have a go at racing again. I am really pleased that he has been in touch and that my web site has been found!!

New Booking process - After some feedback it has been decided to open the booking list 2 weeks before the next meeting (as normal) but at a revised time of 7pm. This gives racers who don't have access to the PC during the day, time to log on and get in touch. Remember you can also text or call me for a booking.

Next season - Early stages of planning - but it looks like Friday will be the new racing night here a Denton, maybe a few Thursdays and Sundays chucked in for good measure. Keep an eye on the site for full updates.

Whites and Yellow Championship - 27th Feb 2005

Well done to Cath on her first championship win. She took the Whites and Yellow championship at the Lancs open meeting at Nelson.

Also well done to Rob and Bernard - 2nd and 3rd.

Previous News

On Tuesday 14th December I paid a visit to the Leek Slotstox club. Click here to see a report from this meeting. (18/12/04)

New Paint job for race car.

Fubar signs have finished the painting of my newest car - the Ex Sharples DS racing car is looking fantastic!! Richard has covered the car with some excellent graphics.


Leek Update.

Not had time to go to Leek as yet - I've missed around 4 meetings. I wish littleborough was on another night so I could race them both. I haven't fallen out with the guys - its just I have an awful choice to make - I have to drop either Littleborough or Leek - Help! Anyway I will race sometime soon - I do wont to race as Silver top. The car is ready to go.

Midlands Slot Stox's club.

We have heard from Christopher Riley (him and his dad promote their own track), and we have their fixture list. Hopefully myself, Richard and Dunc will get down there to race, maybe Chris Crewe will make it too. Did miss racing there last season - we are planning to race the old American import tyres (as they are silicon and legal). We may have a bit more grip than normal - even if we are stuck out on the outer lanes. Will be a fun day.

Fence Change.

We have removed the top rope as it wasn't working very well. We are really pleased with the 3 ropes as we can get them very tight - its fun if you hit it.

Sponsorship Deals

I'm proud to announce 2 new sponsors -
DVD Dags - Movie Store and Internet Cafe. Owned and run by Pete Nuttall - based in Reddish on Broadstone Road. The best supplier of the latest DVD releases - and also home to the best and only Internet Cafe in Reddish.

Gary Osborne - Professional DJ - no job too small. Call Gary on 07739072025 for a quote.

Gary Osborne

Professional DJ

New fence has now been installed and tested on the track see how it was built click on the picture below.

This hasn't been done before, but I thought it would be fun to bring you the first seasonal Oscars for R.M.S.C.C. Hope you enjoy this. PS, these are my opinions and thoughts.
Ashworth Promotions Summer 2004 Oscars
Track of the year
The winner is ----- Littleborough - Pete and Mark (with a bit of help from Dunc and Glen) have created a legend of a track. Tight fast and fun! A great track, where I haven't laughed so much for ages! Top one boys!
Racer of the year
This is a difficult one for me - However it goes to Richard. Goes in hard, enjoys his racing, has been consistently good at all tracks with the same car. Then tops it off with the Gold! Well done!
New Comer of the year
Another close one with a lot of nominations. However the winner is number 80 Anthony. Well done. You have raced well.
Car Builder of the year
Another difficult one. DS racing isn't mass-producing the cars anymore, but the ones produced are quality and took the top 3 places in the points and the gold top win. So DS racing takes it.
Painter of the year
Fubar signs are getting better with experience but this is a straight win for Gemtech. Glen is the expert at replica paint jobs (check his web site on my links). Another quality year of Gemtech signs. Well done.
Paint job of the year
The Smith cars win -Young Jon and Pete both have these. Gemtech takes the credit. Well-done Glen.
Strop of the year or hand controller breaker award
A few too many for my liking, but hey you know who you are!
Mistake of the year
My great point scoring in the consolation at Nelson. I'm still embarrassed about that mistake.
Catering of the year
This easily goes to my mum for the sausage rolls and pies at the Denton track. Also special thanks to my dad for the supply of these.
Race of the year
I missed the gold top race, but heard it was a good en with not a lot between the top 3. However my race of the year goes to the last final at Denton, where young Jon and Richard battled it out for the track championship. This was a fair, but hard race. Well done!
Hit of the year
Again there were a few to choose from however, My dad on young Jon was a cracker and stuck in my head at the last club car meeting. The hit was a bit hopeful, it was just both their faces after the hit. Dave "Well I had to" Y Jon Silence then laughter!!! Top stuff
I hope you enjoyed this? it's just a bit of fun and a way to look back at another great season of RMSCC slot car racing. Please feel free to feedback on the Guest book or the RMSCC forum.

Just a quick thank you to all that have raced at Denton and at the other tracks. I have enjoyed promoting and contributing the web site. Webmaster Dunc does a fantastic job and I am very grateful for all his help.
Enjoy you racing ladies and gents. keep smiling!!!
See you trackside
JON 92.

Cover For the track. -Thanks to Chris #15 for the Riley cover, which I am using for the track. Thanks Chris.

Club Car update: All trophies now purchased and engraved. They are high quality and certainly worth winning. This will be a great championship to win! Hopefully pics to follow.

Leek Update -Their season starts the first Tuesday in October. The car is in the middle of a clean and tidy. I cleaned the motor tonight and a ton of rubber came out of the can. Its now clean and re-oiled. She is singing again! The chassis is due to go back to DS racing for a quick health check (Ed, is this a hint?) and then it will (hopefully) go back together and be ready for the start of their season. Fubar Signs has kindly repainted the body, pics to follow. Thanks Fubar! I am cutting back my racing at Leek, I have some great friends down there and have really enjoyed my racing but I am struggling with the travel. It took its toll last year, even though Leek is close, the drive is all A roads, and last year I nearly didn't make it home when it snowed very heavily, not nice. Also Leek starts and finishes later, leading to a later one for me. Anyway I will be racing at Leek, but not defending my Silver roof. Hopefully I will get the balance with Leek and Littleborough (same nights!! Doh)

Jamie Pfiefer - USA #99. Jamie sent us an email last week. Its great to know we have regular USA visitors to the site. Jamie is a close friend of my family who raced Brisca F1s along with other formulas on numerous visits to England. Jamie was a keen slot race racer and still owns a fair collection of slot cars. Jamie mentioned he is keen to race when he gets the opportunity to visit England along with his wife Jan. I'm sure we would organize an American night for Jamie!!!
Keep well Jamie.

See you trackside
JON 92.